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    It's a book signing! No, it's a trunk show! No, it's an impromptu fashion show! No, it's craft meets knitting meets community meets inspiration meets...oh whatever. Just come say hi to us if we have an event in your area.

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LOL, chuff is to be pleased or happy, and eating sweets or drinking punch always makes one really happy ;) as in "chuffed as punch", but err, ooooooooh yes chuffing, hum! well, ahem! conjures up rather naughty visions and isn't err, well doesn't have quite the same meaning. wink! wink!

Congratulations on best book lists, that is just mega cool beans :)

nancy Mellon

Corrine is chuffed quite a lot, which means she is one happy girl. :-)
Watch out, being chuffed can be addicting. I find myself using that expression quite a lot since I met Corrine.

Congratulations from me too!

joan tapper

Let's be frank,, Joan didn't crochet at all (well, one row of crab stitch to edge a sweater designed by Nanney Kennedy), but it's true, I'm no longer daunted by a granny square pattern. Also, credit where it's due...I was inspired by Gale's own granny square scarf for her sister, which I saw on Ravelry.

gale z

Now I'm chuffed that all 3 of you commented. I think chuffed as mintballs might be my new phrase. I bet I sound idiotic saying it without the accent.

Mary Lou

Yeah well you can fake the accent.

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Do you want to have a CRAFT ACTIVISM talk or event ? Contact us. We can talk, present a slideshow, booksign  and/or lead a hand on craft activism activity. We love to meet you.
Join Gale at Fiber College of Maine, in beautiful Searsport September 5-8th. Whether you sign up for her Better Blogging (photo side of things) or another class, it's a unique gathering, in a to-die-for setting.
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